Ancient wisdom

for modern times

Dragonflies were amongst the first winged beings to evolve, 300 million years ago, way before us, and way before the dinosaurs even existed. As elders of this world and extraordinary dreamers who intended to fly, they help us remember that we are much more than who we think we are. They remind us of our truly magical origins, making a bridge between the triviality of our modern, every day preoccupations and our resourceful, magical selves.

The Dragonfly Practices are born out of the encounter of a tradition from Mexico with the ancient teachings of he Western world.

Modern man has lost the connection with himself, with nature, and with Spirit. The ghosts of confusion, judgements, greed, consumerism, remorse, expectations… have invaded him, like an army of walking dead. Dragonflies bring back life, joy, enthusiasm and connect us to the power of transformation, to the possibility of leaving the old dysfunctional patterns behind and unfold our wings.

The goal of the Dragonfly Practices is to help us relearn to live in harmony with ourselves, others, nature and spirit.

Dragonflies show us the way to feel mother Earth underneath our feet and father sky above our heads. As tiny Dragons, filled with power, magic and beauty, they entice us to sing, to dance, to move with the wind, to gather as a community around the fire, to gaze at the rivers and at the stars, to listen to our inner voice, to remember our dreams…

They want us to walk the path of the Dragonflies in order to claim back our connection to the source and to remember who we truly are.


"An exploration of the Tarot cards"

A series of online meetings
3 cycles of 7 classes each

1rst cycle from Dec. 5th to Jan. 16
On Sundays from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm

Cost: 15€ / class


A retreat at Le Cayla : the mysteries of Mercury : understanding the workings of our minds


The last week of August
(21 – 29)

(movements, inner work and Astrology)
Cost: 850 € including meals and lodging for 7 days.

The Mysteries of Pluto: A Celebration of Samhain

Oct 30th – Nov 2nd

At Cayla

Cost including lodging and meals for 3 days: 470 €


Ancient knoweldge about the cycles of time was given to human beings in order to help them better navigate their life… It was passed on since the mythical time of Atlantis thru different means such as Astrology and the cards…



A beautiful 22 hectars property in South Aveyron : A place to reconnect to Nature, to ourselves, to each others, and to Spirit

“Dragonfly breaks illusion, brings vision of power… The iridescence of Dragonfly wings reminds us of colors we do not find in our everyday experience. Dragonfly shifting of colors, energy, form and movement brings vague memories of a time or place where magic reigned. “

D. Carson and J. Sam – Medecine cards