An autumn Equinox Celebration :


Where are we at ?

Connecting to our spiritual essence


Le Cayla, Aveyron

From Sept 23 to Sept 27, 2022


The autumn equinox is one of the great markers of the year. This is when the nights become longer than the days. The moment that marks the entry into the dark season, the descent towards progressive stripping and the journey towards winter.

In these chaotic times, we will clear the way to meet the part of ourselves that is immutable and that nothing can affect.

We will learn and practice 4 forms of movement from the Toltec tradition to allow us to review stories from our life from 4 different perspectives.

We will dig underground galleries with the help of the Earth being, we will move through the air with the help of the Heaven being, and we will be plants, rocks, water and celestial influences with the creatures of the intermediate world.

Finally we will bring it all together in a gesture of magical intention to bring peace and the awareness of the infinite that surrounds us, in our heart.

We will take the time to watch the sun rise and set over the landscapes of Aveyron and we will celebrate our connection to the Earth and to the community around a fire which will reflect our state of being.

On the last day, from a state of inner silence, we will meet our mother nature and if the weather permits we will bathe in a canyon to experience the joyful and playful quality of the Hérault rivers.




Cost: €520 before Sept 17  and €550 after. (accommodation and meals included from Friday Sept 23 in the evening to Tuesday Sept 27 breakfast.)

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with informations about the payment.

More infos and registration : 07 77 07 30 30.

Places are limited.


Friday evening : late afternoon arrival and evening dinner

Saturday morning : indoor practice: the being of the Earth

Saturday afternoon : indoor practice: the being of Heaven

Saturday evening : Sunset viewing and indoor practice

Sunday morning : indoor practice : Creatures of the Earth

Sunday afternoon : indoor practice: A gesture of magical intention

Sunday evening: fire

Monday : observation of a sunrise and excursion in the Hérault

Monday night: celebration party

Tuesday : breakfast and departure