Our Work and Mission in Life


Paestum, Italy

June 22-23

Optional excursion on June 24 – 25

The purpose of the recapitulation is to break basic assumptions we have accepted throughout our live…
Taisha Abelar : The Sorcerers Crossing

The review of one’s life was used by wisdom keepers from all traditions to clean their soul from the debris of unwanted emotions, confused ideas, painful stories and limiting habitual patterns of behavior in order to be better aligned with their true essence and Spirit.

During this Dragonfly event, helped by the light of the Solstice (a moment of pause when the Sun stay still for a few days) and the practice of movements that will connect us to our body and soul, we will focus on our relationship to work and look at all the jobs we did thru our lifetime.

Work – the way we earn our living – is a big part of our identity. It is often where we spend most of our time during our adult life and the way we contribute to human society.

As we go back to the memories of all the jobs we did, we will become more aware of how we use our energy and what are the ruling forces in our lives. And as we become more conscious of our patterns of behavior we will be able to uncover our true mission(s) in life, what our soul came on this planet to accomplish, how from our heart we (want to) contribute to this world.

The story of Western culture is a story of disconnection and dissociation that started with the Greek civilization and the objectivization of the world. The mystery and respect for life was slowly replaced by mechanization and materialism. The subject, little by little, was taken out of the picture. Doing and performing prevailed over being and feeling.

Many of our great modern tragedies are the consequence of this dissociation, within ourselves, between ourselves and others, and ourselves and our environment. Today we are the heirs of this evolution. 

Our visit to Paestum – an ancient Greek city – and its temples will be the opportunity for a magical encounter with the roots of the Western world, the perfect place to bring the subject back, to reconnect with the imagination, the intuition and the magical part of ourselves that the mystic tradition calls the soul.

Besides the review of one’s life and the movements and breaths, we will practice a technique called TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing exercises) to further connect to our bodies and release old hidden – pushed asides – memories.

By tensing some specific muscles, we will reawaken a natural temblor in the body. This will help us release tensions and shake off personal stories so that we can bring a new view to our relationship with work, one coming from a silent and peaceful body.

Dragonfly practices are inspired by many traditions of wisdom keepers from all over the world. They include bodywork, silence practices, TRE® practices, Breathwork, Tensegrity® movements, environmental awareness… Their goal is to help human beings become more aware of their magical side and live more fulfilling lives.

Workshop: From Saturday June 22 at 10 am to Sunday June 23 at 5 pm:  150 € (180 € after June 10) + 10 € association InfinitArmonia membership.

Optional tour:

June 24 : Immersion into nature: the Cilento National Park: Visit of the cave of Pertosa Auletta and the waterfalls Oasi Capelli di Venere
COST: 80 € includes entrance fee to the cave and the waterfall, transportation and lunch

On the way back: June 25: The Mysteries of Napoli (this tour will happen depending on the number of participants)
COST: between 50 and 60 € for the entrance to the sites

Information and registration:
Zoi Kainosis:
Tel: 340 2462680 – zoi.kainosis@gmail.com
English: Guilhem Morera: dragonflypractices@gmail.com

Lodging and Meals:

Paestum (Salerno), at Grand Hotel Paestum, Via Laura, 201.

PLEASE NOTE: registration is required by May 30, 2019. After that date it is still possible to register, but only if there are still places available.

The cost to sleep at the Grand Hotel Paestum is 65 € per night per person in a double room: bed, breakfast + lunch + dinner. Single room supplement: 15 € per day. Booking in advance will allow you to stay a few days before or after the Event, at the same price-per-day.

To book you can contact the Hotel directly: +39 0828 851813 – fax 0828 720402– info@grandhotelpaestum.it – www.grandhotelpaestum.it

When booking the Hotel please communicate your preference for the menu: standard or vegetarian, and also the name of the person with whom you want to share the room. If you do not have a fellow, please let us know and we will find you a satisfactory accommodation.

How to arrive:


By plane:

The nearest international airport is Naples, Capodichino (NAP), about 100 km (90 minutes) from the Hotel. Many low-cost airlines arrive and depart from Naples airport. Taxi from / to Naples Airport / Naples Central Station (main) € 16.00.

By train: For timetables, please consult the official website of the Italian Railways: https://www.trenitalia.com/

From Naples Central Station to Capaccio Station (the nearest to the Hotel): € 6.00 (approximately 70-minute trip) . Once you arrive at the station, you can call a taxi: +39 334 8198398, either alone or by organizing yourself in small groups – about € 15.00. In case of emergency, you can call the Hotel and have them pick you up. If you decide to have us pick you up, remember to let us know about it the previous days.


Alice Rulde

Alice Rulde

Zoi Kainosis

Zoi Kainosis

Guilhem Morera

Guilhem Morera

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