Ancient Knowledge for Modern Times



Moscow, Russia,

September 28, 2019 from 10 am to 10 pm

Introductory session on September 27, from 7 to 10 pm

Ancient people came up with a science that was complete from the beginning. Nothing could be added to it and nothing could be taken off from it. This is a great mystery. One could only walk with respect and humility the path of the old teachers. This ancient science, known all over the planet since the dawn of times, was taught in the universities up to the 16 century in Europe.

It is only in the last centuries that it has been disregarded, forgotten and classified with contempt as superstition. Little by little, as the focus on materialism increased, this old science became a mere fantasy in the eyes of modern man.

The goal of this science, that was also an art, was to help human beings better understand themselves and navigate their lives, to help them maintain their relationship to Spirit and to creation. It was not a science about how to have power over nature in the external world, but a science of the inner world : how to have power over ourselves.

Astrology, Alchemy and Cartomancy were all different aspects of this same science and they all connect to each others.

During this full day workshop we will open the door of this old language. We will learn the basis of astrology : the signs, the houses and the planets which will help us understand better the language of the cards and our own lives…

This class will be a continuation of the card workshops that have been given the previous years and is designed for advanced students.

As part of this worlshop, on Friday evening, Guilhem will review the basic teachings about the science of the cards for newcomers who would like to understand the foundation of this old language. Participants will learn what is their card and how to open the book of time. This introductory session will be also open to more advanced students.

Guilhem Morera is the founder of the Dragonfly Practices. He studied with the apprentices of Carlos Castaneda during 10 years in Los Angeles. During the last 10 years, he organized and guided Tensegrity® workshops and classes all over Europe. He is also a certified breathwork facilitator, and has been trained in the ancient science of the cards by author and astrologer Robert Lee Camp. Guilhem is the author of two books about the science of the cards, one of them in collaboration with author and specialist of the megaliths Howard Crowhurst with whom he founded the association ANTAS (Ancient Technics, Arts and Sciences) in 2015.

Cost: 120 EUR (8 880 Rub)

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Address of the venue and how to arrive: 

Moscow, Bolshoy Tishinskiy lane, 40, b. 1 (15 min walk from metro stations Belorusskaya or Ulitsa 1905 goda)




Phone: +33 6 11 540469 

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