a celebration of the Equinox

March 19 – 22, 2022
At Le Cayla, in Aveyron


Whether they are real or fantasized, harmonious or dissonant, we engage an immense energy in our romantic relationships throughout our lives and we all carry inside of us so many memories (some happy and some painfull) related to that.

Romantic relationships have such power that they can make us alive and vibrant, or anihilate us.

It is the place where we engage ourselves in the most intimate manner.

In these chapters of our lives we find a whole spectrum of projections, expectations, repeating patterns, emotional habits … that speak about ourselves.

It has been said many times that the other is a miror of who we are.

During this 3-days workshop, we will review all the romantic relationships we have encountered in our life including those we have observed in the people close to us and which have served us as a model.

We will recapitulate all those stories in order to bring more peace to our hearts and more silence to our minds.

We will also observe in our astrological charts the planet Venus and the 7th house (the house of partnerships), and we will learn and practice a form of movements from the toltec tradition in order to ground ourselves, and to help us clean up and untie our memories.

We will intent to bring more consciouness and detachment to this aspect of our life, so that we can redeploy the energy stuck in those memories, and use it to dream forward anything we want to create and accomplish in our life.


Cost of the event including nights and meals for 3 days: 470 €


How to get to Dragonfly Community Center:

Train, bus or flight to Toulouse
Then train from Toulouse train station Matabiau to Albi (about 1h train)

We will arrange to pick you up at Albi train station

Upon registration you will receive the bank infos of the Dragonfl Cayla Association in order to pay the lodging, meals and association fees:


From Saturday march 18 lunch to Tuesday march 22 lunch (3 days) = 3×75 + 10 = 235 €


From Friday dinner to Tuesday lunch (3 days + 1 night) = 225 + 55 + 10 = 290 €