at the time of Beltane

March 19 – 22, 2021
At Le Cayla, in Aveyron


As with our work, it is an immense energy that we engage throughout our lives in our romantic relationships: whether these are real or fantasized, harmonious or dissonant.

We find in these pages of our lives the whole spectrum of projections, expectations, as well as the light that illuminates our souls, ignites our hearts and exalts our feelings.

There is in the romantic relationship a reservoir overflowing with energy and it seems essential to know how to direct it in the right direction, because it is an energy which can make us alive and vibrant as well as annihilate us.

If love at first sight belong rather to the youth, it sometimes takes the experience of one or more lives to be able to move away from preconceived ideas, non-functional emotional patterns, and find a balance and an inner self-love capable of bringing us closer to what a true romantic relationship can bring us. So our expectations change, our eyes are transformed and who we meet too.

During this 2-day course, we will review the different types of romantic relationships we have encountered in our life: those we have observed in people around us, those who have served as models to guide us, those where we got lost and those where we found ourselves.

We will observe everything that our conscience and our heart can see, and the practicing of a form of shamanic movements which originated in an ancient Mexican tradition will help us to bind and untie our memories.

Cost of the event: 230 €

More infos and how to register coming soon


How to get to Dragonfly Community Center:

Train, bus or flight to Toulouse
Then train from Toulouse train station Matabiau to Albi (about 1h train)

We will arrange to pick you up at Albi train station

Lodging and Meals  :

To be paid directly at Association Dragonfly Cayla thru money transfer.


From Friday dinner to Sunday lunch = 2×60 = 120 €


From Friday dinner to Monday lunch: 3×60 = 180 €


From Friday dinner to Tuesday breakfast = 3×60 + 45 = 240 €