At the moment, this program has been postponed to autum 2022

Every bit of knowledge that becomes power has death as its central force. Death lends the ultimate touch, and whatever is touched by death indeed becomes power.

Death is our eternal companion. It is always to our left, an arm’s length behind us. Death is the only wise adviser that a warrior has. Whenever he feels that everything is going wrong and he is about to be annihilated, he can turn to his death and ask if that is so. His death will tell him that he is wrong, that nothing really matters outside its touch. His death will tell him, “I haven’t touched you yet.”

Carlos Castaneda Journey to Ixtlan

For our Western civilization which advocates the superiority of man over nature, death is an unacceptable challenge.
However, without the consciousness of death there is no sobriety, no detachment, no wisdom possible.

It is the presence of death that makes our lives an unfathomable mystery.

It is the presence of death that makes each of our actions count

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is the most important national holiday. This time of the year when the sun enters the sign of Scorpio, is an opportunity to remember all those who have passed on the other side.

This is a time when the darkness has apparently won the battle, but it is also the time when the light prepares for its coming back. In the cosmic cycle, death is always followed by a rebirth.

In our days, the world we have always known seems ready to go thru a big transformation, and it is our responsibility to prepare the birth of a new time.

A time when humans will be closer to nature, more respectful of all forms of life, more humble, simpler, more authentic.

Our trip will take us from the Mexico City Valley and the Toltecs’ sites of Tula and Theotihuacan, to the village of Ixtlan de Juarez in the Oaxaca region. On the way we wil stop to the village of Cholula, we will visit the cave of Cacahuamilpa, and we will stop also in the City of Oaxaca to visit the Monte Alban temple and enjoy the arts of Oaxaca such as wood work and potery.

During this trip, we will connect to the ancient Toltec wisdom. We will learn and practice a series of movements and we will remember some key events that have transformed our lives.

Ixtlan de Juarez is located in a mountainous area covered by a cloud forest. This magical forest is managed by the Zapotec community to preserve its incredible diversity of plants and birds.

It is in this village that we will attend an authentic celebration of the Day of the Dead.

On our way back, we will bring with us forever a piece of that dream and we will be inspired to build our own communities, our own relationship to mother earth, to our true self and to Spirit.

The Atlants in Tula de Allende

We will be traveling with a small group of no more than 20-25 people so places are limited.

All traveling thru Mexico will be done in a private bus with choffer.

Approximative cost will be around 1500 € for the lodging in double rooms, 13 nights in hotels, entrance to the sites and transportation in Mexico.
(We are still in contact with a Spanish travel agency to finalize the cost)

750 € for the workshop program.

Lunch and dinner will be taken in places selected by us but not included in the agency price.

This price does not include the flight from your country to Mexico City, the taxi from the airport to the hotel and the insurance.


Day 1 (Oct.22): arrival in Mexico City – meeting at the hotel – night in Mexico City

Day 2 (Oct.23): morning practice and afternoon visit of the Alameda and the Zocalo – night in Mexico City

Day 3 (Oct.24): Morning practice and afternoon visit of the museum of Anthropology – night in Mexico City

Day 4 (Oct.25): Trip to Tula de Allende and visit of Tula – night in Tula

Day 5 (Oct.26): Visit of Theotihuacan and trip to Cholula – night in Cholula

Day 6 (Oct 27):  visit of  Cacahuamilpa cave – night in Cholula

Day 7 (Oct. 28): Trip to Oaxaca and visit of Oaxaca zocalo – night in Oaxaca

Day 8 (Oct.29): visit of Monte Alban and afternoon practice – night in Oaxaca

Day 9 (Oct.30): Visit of craft workshops and practices in Oaxaca – night in Oaxaca

Day 10 (Nov.31): Trip to Ixtlan de Juarez : connecting with the cloud forest and the community – night in Ixtlan

Day 11 (Nov. 1): EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS in Ixtlan de Juarez – night in Ixtlan

Day 12 (Nov. 2): Trip back to Oaxaca – night in Oaxaca

Day 13 (Nov. 3): Trip back to Mexico City with a stop in Puebla – night in Mexico City

Day 14 (Nov.4): End of the journey and flight back

Theotihuacan : The City of the Gods

Ixtlan de Juarez

If you may be interested to join, please write to dragonflypractices@gmail.com so we can keep you updated.

We will arrange an online meeting to share more about that journey.