encounter with the otherness

Le Cayla, Aveyron

August 18 – 22

The seer sees that every man is in touch with everything else, not through his hands, but through a bunch of long fibers that shoot out in all directions from the center of his abdomen. Those fibers join a man with his surroundings; they keep his balance; they give him stability.

Carlos Castaneda, A Separate Reality

At the core of all Shamanic traditions lie the knowledge that the world is not a world of solid objects but a world of energy where all beings are interconnected.

This interconnectedness is the main fabric of life. We all depend on each others and any change happening in one part is affecting the whole.

Shamans are people who developed a certain sensibility to the interconnectedness of all things and their role is to cultivate and maintain the awareness of the relationships that exists between the human world and all the other worlds. When this awareness is lost, the balance is broken and the devil spirits of greed, boredom, obsessions… take hold of people’s spirits.

Modern civilisation is the result of a long history of disconnection with the natural world. The domesticated spaces of cities is growing bigger and bigger, and wild species are disapearing at a great speed from the surface of the Earth.

The goal of the Dragonfly Practices training is to help us reawaken our connection to the otherness.

Spaceship Earth as, Buckminster Fuller called it, is an enormous sentient being, that comprises the human species but also all kind of kingdoms: the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the rivers kingdom, the clouds kingdom… and each being has its own ways of being alive, their own ways of perceiving… connecting with forests, with mountains, with animals is a way to feel the vastness of the perceptual possibilities, the magic and the depth of the mystery inside of ourselves.

The “teachers” of those new times will have the task to help human beings reconnect to their perceptual possibilities because in essence, as human beings, we are navigators of awareness. We are part of this infinite network of consciouness.

During this 4 days training, we will pratice movements and breaths that will help us silence our minds and open our hearts, we will share experiences, connect to the land and to each others, and bring more awareness to our relationship to Spirit, to other forms of life, to other people and to ourselves.

This event can be taken as a 4 days workshop or can be taken with the follow up of 3 online sessions during which we will reconnect to each others and share what we have been thru and what we experienced as a continuation of the training in our daily life.

Cost of the 4 days training: 250 €

3 optional monthly online meetings (September 13, October 11 and November 15) : 50 € 

Places are imited. Because of the actual situation we cannot yet be certain of the different prices regarding the lodging options. We have already booked 2 houses 5-10′ drive from the Center. So we will be able to lodge part of the group in those houses and part of the group at the Center itself. We will have more clarity in the coming months of the types of lodging that we can offer at the Center. Price should be around 60 – 65 € per person / day in shared rooms, including the meals.