A Samhain celebration with the Dragonfly Practices

Friday Oct. 30th to Sunday Nov. 1rst

with an optional day on Monday November 2nd

In the old Celtic tradition, October 31 and November 1rst was a very special time of the year. It was considered as the beginning of the year and known as Samhain. It marked the entrance into the darkest time of the year. Since it was a time of transition it was believed that the veil between the visible world and the invisible world was very thin during that time and that the Soul of the dead people were coming to visit. This moment was considered as a gate between the worlds and night animals such as the bats were connected of that moment.

During this magical time we will meet in a secluded place to practice ancient movements from a Toltec tradition that will connect us to the bat energy. We will use that time to identify what we don’t want anymore in our life, what stops us from living fully in this world, and send it to the realm of the dead ith the help of the purifying fire. We will also use that time to connect to our ancestors and acknowledge what gifts we have received from them. What was passed on to us that can help us go thru dark times.

It seemed that as a civilisation we have entered dark times and as Dragonfly practitioners, we need to let go of what still hold us to our old self in order to move fluidly and be able to adapt to any situation. “Forget the self and you will fear nothing” was saying Don Juan Matus to his student Carlos Castaneda. In those dark times we will also need to open and use our 6th sense, our intuition, to make wise choices.

This time of the year is the time of the dark night. It is connected to the Scorpio energy which has to do with death and rebirth, power, going deep… there is much power in the night. It is the place where sorcerers weave their dreams. This full moon week-end will be the occasion to dive deep inside of ourselves and dream further our connection to each others, to the land and to the old tradition that has been passed on to us.

Cost: Event from, Friday Oct. 30th to Sunday Nov. 1rst: 180 € until Oct 21, 230 € after.

Optional day: Monday November 2nd: 50 €

Lodging and meals:

From Friday dinner to Sunday lunch : 2×60 = 120 €

Additional night with meals:

Thursday night and Friday lunch: 60 €

Sunday night and Monday lunch: 60 €

Monday night and Tuesday breakfast only: 45 €



Provisionnal Program:

Friday Oct. 30th

2 – 4 pm : registration
3.30 – 6.30 pm : Opening and practice session
6.30 – 9 pm : Dinner

Saturday Oct: 31rst

9.30 – 12.30 pm: Practice session
12.30 – 2 pm: Lunch
2 – 5 pm : Practice session
5 – 6.30 pm : free time
6.30 – 8 pm: dinner
8 – 10 pm : Practic and fire ceremony
10 – 12 pm: celebration

Sunday Nov. 1rst

10 – 1 pm: Practice session
1 – 2.30 pm: lunch
2.30 – 5 pm: Practice session and closing


Monday Nov. 2nd
10 – 1 pm: Practice session
1 – 3 pm: Lunch
3 – 6 pm: Hike