A Dragonfly Practices Event



From October 30th to Novembre 2nd, in Aveyron


The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle, not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the seer as an immeasurable jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands, its height reaching to infin­ity. As the seer gazes on the blackness that the Eagle is, four blazes of light reveal what the Eagle is like. The first blaze, which is like a bolt of lightning, helps the seer make out the contours of the Eagle’s body. There are patches of whiteness that look like an eagle’s feath­ers and talons. A second blaze of lightning reveals the flapping, wind-creating blackness that looks like an eagle’s wings. With the third blaze of lightning the seer beholds a piercing, inhuman eye. And the fourth and last blaze discloses what the Eagle is doing.

The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle’s beak, like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had life. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle’s food.
It is only from the Eagle’s actions that a seer can tell what it wants. The Eagle, although it is not moved by the circumstances of any living thing, has granted a gift to each of those beings. In its own way and right, any one of them, if it so desires, has the power to keep the flame of awareness, the power to disobey the summons to die and be consumed. Every living thing has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to freedom and to go through it. It is evident to the seer who sees the opening, and to the creatures that go through it, that the Eagle has granted that gift in order to perpetuate awareness.

Carlos Castaneda: The Eagle Gift

In this quote from the book “The Eagle Gift” from author Carlos Castaneda, we find several themes that can relate to the planet Pluto.
One of the symbols for the astrological sign of scorpio – in which we will be during this time of the year – is the Eagle, and the planet that rule Scorpio is Pluto.

Pluto is power. It is an explosive power that disintegrate. It is the guardian of the treshold, the very last celestial object of our solar system. After Pluto starts infinity. Pluto is the part of infinity that can annihilate our life or transform us.

We all have Pluto somewhere in our astrological charts. Because we live in this solar system, there is a part of us that is in connected to the energy of this planet. This is the part our ourselves that has to do with our personnal power, with our obsessions and with our transformation.

During this 3 days retreat at Cayla we will practice series of movements from the Toltec tradition that relate to the Pluto energy and we will look at situations of our life in connection to the themes of Pluto. We will also look at how Pluto appears in our astrological charts.

Pluto, Hadès, is the gof od the infernos, the god of the infraworld. It has to do with death and resurrection. In this workshop, at the time of the Day of the Dead, a celebration particularly important in the mexican culture, we will look at what obssess us which is also the key to our greater freedom.

Cost including lodging and meals from Saturday Oct. 30th Lunch to Tuesday November 2nd breakfast : 470 €

Additional night with dinner and breakfast on Friday Oct. 29: 40 €

Limited places.

This event is organized by the Dragonfly Cayla Association

Upon registration you will receive instructions on how to make a payment for the reservation.