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A Summer Solstice Celebration :


Highlighting our behaviour habits

in order to release energy for dreaming!


Le Cayla, Aveyron

From June 18 to June 22, 2022


Every time he had an opportunity, don Juan pointed out that the energy needed to release our dreaming attention from its socialization prison comes from redeploying our existing energy…

The emergence of our dreaming attention is a direct corollary of revamping our lives (…)

In essence, the sorcerers’ way, as don Juan put it, is a chain of behavioral choices for dealing with the world …

There are two ways of facing our being alive. One is to surrender to it, either by acquiescing to its demands or by fighting those demands. The other is by molding our particular life situation to fit our own configurations.

Carlos Castaneda – The Art of Dreaming


Our life is made up of a host of behavioral, thoughtful and emotional habits that we learned in our youth from the people around us and which crystallized over time.

Often these habits don’t reflect who we really are. They define us but are like clothes that are too big or too small for us, clothes that we wear but that don’t fit us.

And we often experience frustration, anger or despair because we feel that something in us would like to express itself, but is locked in a yoke that makes us repeat the same situations over and over again.

Learning to dream, which the shamans of ancient Mexico call the development of the dreaming attention, is nothing else than the expression in the world of our inner essence.

We must therefore revisit all our lifestyle habits in order to become aware of those that take the most energy from us, those that we can prune.

The path with heart requires no effort. It is also the avenue of dreams and the path of the energy body.

The art of the warrior – according to the Toltec terminology – or the art of the “spiritual” man or woman consists in walking on this path. It is a path where there is nothing to prove to anyone nor anything to gain in terms of social place, recognition, attention.

On this path we are alone with ourselves and with Spirit.

But according to ancient traditions, only this path can ultimately bring us inner peace and open our eyes so that we can fully appreciate the beauty of this world and the depth of the mystery that surrounds us.

 During this workshop, we will look at our lifestyle habits in order to redeploy our energy. We will specifically observe and recap 6 main themes:

– how we dress and choose our clothes
– how we feed ourselves
– how we organize ourselves
– how we make our living
– our relationship to authority
– our need to be recognized, loved and admired

We will also learn and explore a form of movement in relation to the dreaming attention, as well as a form on the ground which has the particularity of giving our attention the necessary speed to perceive things that otherwise we cannot observe.

We will take advantage of this moment of the Summer Solstice to shed as much light as possible on these different aspects of our lives and to celebrate all together with fire, dance, music, silent walks in nature, the observation of stars and sunsets and sunrises, our relationship with the dream world and our energy body.

Cost: €520 before June 4 and €550 after. (accommodation and meals included from Saturday June 18 in the evening to Wednesday June 22 in the morning.)

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with informations about the payment.

You can also contact me : 07 77 07 30 30 for more details.

Places are limited.


Saturday June 18 juin afternoon : arrival and movement practice
Observation of the Sunset

Sunday June 19
morning: movement practice and recapitulation
afternoon: movement practice and recapitulation
evening: observation of the sky

Monday, June 20
morning: movement practice and recapitulation
afternoon: movement practice and recapitulation
evening: fire and music

Tuesday, June 21
morning: sunrise observation and silence practice
afternoon: walk in nature
evening: music and dance

Wednesday, June 22