According to an ancient tradition, the deck of 52 cards that appears in France in the 16 century is a book of time. The 52 cards are the 52 weeks in the year, the 4 suits are the 4 seasons and the 4 elements, the 13 cards in each suits are the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the Sun in the center, the 12 figures are the 12 months in the year and the 2 colors are the day and the nigh.

This book of time is a representation of the laws of our universe. The teachers of old hid their knowledge in the deck of cards. According to the day that we are born there is a card that represents us and each year of our life  follow certain energy patterns that can be expressed thru a series of specific cards. It is a tool that can help us understand ourselves and others better and better navigate our lives.

If you want to find out more about the card that corresponds to your birthday check the card system.

In 2005, while living in the US, I met the cards of the Magi thru the books of Olney Richmond who was the first person to write about it at the beginning of the 19 century, and thru the books of astrologer Robert Lee Camp, who later became my mentor in the apprentischip of this old science. I could immediately connect the meaning of the cards with my own life and they became my traveling companions. Everyone had a card, every card was a little story and every association of cards was telling a different story…

Later the cards brought me back to Europe where I started to give readings and lectures…


The Cards of the Magi works very much like Astrology.
My sessions cost 70 € and last about 1h15.
If you want to book a card session thru Skype, send me an email thru the contact form.
In order to prepare the reading, I will need your complete date of birth, including the time and place, as well as the date of birth of the people close to you (only the day, month and year) including your parents, and any questions you would like the cards to help you with.
I am also available for conferences and workshops about the cards.

If you want to learn more more about this science you can check my books.

The old sciences such as oracles, astrology, Tarot cards… which goal were to help human beings understand themselves better, orient themselves and connect to their intuition have been considered as superstition during the last centuries. Today, this precious and very old inheritage is rediscovered.

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