Crossing over to the shaman’s world



A 10 days / 11 nights journey thru the land of the ancient Toltecs


April 29 – May 10, 2024


    “The Nagual told us that we are Toltecs. All of us are Toltecs. He said that a Toltec is the receiver and holder of mysteries. The Nagual and Genaro are Toltecs. They gave us their special luminosity and their mysteries. “

Carlos Castaneda – The Second Ring of Power

A long time ago the people living in central America developed a certain kind of knowledge. Those men and women, receivers and holders of mysteries, were known as Toltecs.

The world of the Toltecs is long gone but one can still find remainings of it in the land of Mexico : many ancient ceremonial places such as Theotihuacan, Cholula, Tula, Monte Alban … still attest of the existence of their civilisation.

And they not only left us magnificient sites but some of their knowledge managed to reach to us thru time.

This knowledge had to do with acknowledging and cultivating the link with the transcendental aspect of human beings.

As Carlos Castaneda writes :

Every Toltec warrior had two faces and faced two opposite directions. The second face was the second attention.

This ability to integrate both aspects of human being : the rational / social aspect and the trancendant or energetic aspect gave to this civilisation a particular brillance.

Until today it is possible to feel and connect to the extraordinary vitality of those ancient seers and to the force of their incarnation on this planet.

During a 10 days / 11 nights journey thru Mexico : from Mexico city to Oaxaca and back to Mexico City, we will walk on the land of the Toltecs and connect to this Toltec heritage.

This journey will start with a set of online meetings in March and April in which we will learn and practice a series of movements from the Toltec tradition, and prepare to cross over, as a group, to the Toltecs’ world.

During the journey itself, we will take some time everyday to practice those movements and notice and share our perceptions with each others.

We apologize but due to the small number of places available, this event filled up very fast and registrations are now closed. If you would have liked to join you can still fill up the waiting list form or let me know, and i will contact you in case someone cancels or if another journey is programmed.

Cost: 2100 €

The price includes a series of online classes during the months of March and April, 11 nights and breakfasts in a 3 stars hotel (5 nights in Mexico City, 4 nights in Oaxaca, one night in Cholula and one night in Tula), in double bedrooms, (possibility of having a single bedroom for an extra cost), bus and a driver, the entrance to the museum Anahuacalli and the Anthropology museum of Mexico City, the entrance to the main sites (Templo Mayor, Cacahuamilpa, Tula, Teotihuacan, Mitla, El Tule and Monte Alban) and 4 meals including one meal at Cafe Tacuba.

It does not includes the international flight to Mexico and back, the taxi from and to the airport, the drinks, 15 meals (about 8 – 15 € / meal), the cost of an optional cleansing cermony in Oaxaca.

The payment will go as follows :
– 500 € to be paid before September 18, 2023.
– 1600 € to be paid before March 10 of 2024

To this link you will also find the general conditions of the travel agency :

An online meeting will be organized, at the end of August / beginning of September to go more in detail about this journey.


Day 1 : Arrival to Mexico City – meeting and dinner at the hotel

Day 2 : A tour to Mexico City : visit of the Alameda, the Zocalo, El Templo mayor, lunch at the restaurant Cafe Tacuba, visit of the artist village of Coyoacan (old colonial Mexico) and the Museum of prehispanic art of Anahuacalli. Night in Mexico City

Day 3 : A day trip to the extraordinary cave of Cacahumalipa (2h30 drive to go and the same to come back). Night in Mexico City

Day 4 : Trip to Tula (2h drive), visit of the Pyramids and the cathedral  – Night in Tula at the hotel Cathedral

Day 5 : Trip to Teotihuacan (1h30 drive), visit of the City of the Gods, lunch at the restaurant La Gruta. Night in the colonial town of Cholula (2h30 drive from Teotihuacan to Cholula)

Day 6 :  Visit of the biggest pyramid in the world and lunch at Cholula. Trip to Oaxaca, stop at a botanical garden. Night in Oaxaca (4h30 drive from Cholula to Oaxaca)

Day 7 : Visit of the Oaxaca craft markets and possibly the pyramid of Yagul and the Tule tree. Night in Oaxaca

Day 8 : Visit of Mitla which name means “The place of the Dead” or “the Underworld” and a bath at magical Hierve el agua – Night in Oaxaca (1h30 drive to go and the same to come back to the hotel in Oaxaca)

Day 9 : Visit of the ceremonial center of Monte Alban, free time, Cleansing cermony (to be confirmed). Night in Oaxaca

Day 10 : Trip back to Mexico City with a stop for lunch in beautiful Puebla historical center. Night in Mexico City (6h30′ drive from Oaxaca to Mexico City)

Day 11 : Visit of the Anthropology Musem of Mexico. Night in Mexico City

Day 12 : Departure

This event is organized in partnership with the Association Dragonfly Cayla.