A Dragonfly Practices series of online classes

ESOTERIC TEACHINGS : dreaming with the Tarot Cards

every Sunday morning from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM


Before the so called “modern times” there was another time during which human beings were still connected to the dream world.

Because they did not have so much distractions, ancient people were naturally connected to silent knowledge. From this place they could perceive that the world in which they lived and died had many layers. They were not living only in a material world, they were living also in the dream world. They could perceive the soul of things : the soul of people and places, the soul of animals and plants, the soul of mountains and planets… The great soul, the great dream that dreams all the dreams – the soul of the universe – they called it Spirit or Infinity.
Sometimes we can still feel the presence of this dream world when we visit old castles or old monuments. Tarot cards comes from this ancient world.

Like the movements and breathing technics from the Toltec tradition, the Tarot cards have been passed down generations of man and women of knowledge, and are depositaries of ancient knowledge.

During this next cycles of 6 online classes, we will learn to read the symbolism connected to some of the major arcanas of the Tarot Deck.

We will practice specific mouvements connected to the energy of each arcana in order to open up our perception and enter into the perception of the dream world from where those images come from.

During each meeting, I will present a different Tarot card and give some essential keys to better understand the old teachings connected to it. We will also take a moment to collect and recapitulate stories from our own lives related to the energy of each card in order to open further the way to perceiving more of this world.

Classes will happen on Sunday morning from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm

Cost: 15 € / class or 75 € for the series of 6 classes

from Jan. 22 to Feb. 26

Upon registration you will receive instructions on how to make the payment.

A few days before the class, you will receive a zoom link to connect to the class.