A Dragonfly Practices series of 8 online classes


From April 11 to May 30th

every Sunday morning from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Everything sorcerers did rotated around five concerns: one, the magical passes; two, the energetic center in the human body called the center for decisions; three, recapitulation, the means for enhancing the scope of human awareness; four, dreaming, the bona fide art of breaking the parameters of normal perception; five, inner silence, the stage of human perception from which those sorcerers launched every one of their perceptual attainments.

Carlos Castaneda Magical Passes

Spring is a moment when tones of energy is pouring to the Earth from the Cosmos.

Question is : What are we doing with this energy ?

As we all know : where our attention goes, our energy goes !

In the digital world that is emerging, this question seem to become even more important since it is now so easy to move almost unconsciouly, in the blink of an eye, from one thing to another on our smartphone or computer screen.

During this series of 8 online meetings, each Sunday mornings, we will look back at what caught our attention during the week.

We will practice in depth a form of movements called : “The Series of the five concerns”, which was taught to us by the last teachers of an old Toltec tradition.

Those movements will help us get out of the “concerns” of our minds, reconnect to our bodies, open up the potentialities of perception that are stored in the body itslef and connect to the essential concerns of the shamans of ancient times.

Along with the practice of those movements we will identify and track the tensions that showed up during the week, in order to bring more awareness to our life, and to and redirect our attention and energy to what really matters to us : what brings us joy, confidence, vitality, inner peace and well being.

Cost: 13 € / class

Set of 8 classes (from April 11 to May 30th) : 80 €

Set of 7 classes (From April 18 to May 30th): 70 €

Set of 6 classes (from April 25 – May 30th): 60 €

Set of 5 classes (May 2nd – May 30th): 55 €

Set of 4 classes (May 9 – May 30th): 45 €

Set of 3 classes (May 16 – May 30th): 36 €

Set of 2 classes (May 23 – May 30th): 25 €

Upon registration you will receive instructions on how to make the payment.

A few days before the class, you will receive a zoom link to connect to the class.