At the time of the full moon



in order to clean up the way to our energy body


Le Cayla, Aveyron

From June. 21 to June 25, 2024


When they are seen as fields of energy, human beings appear to be like fibers of light, like white cobwebs, very fine threads that circulate from the head to the toes. Thus to the eye of a seer, a man looks like an egg of circulating fibers. And his arms and legs are like luminous bristles, bursting out in all directions.

Carlos Castaneda – A Separate Reality

The energy body is the counterpart of the physical body. A ghostlike configuration made of pure energy.
The energy body has only appearance but no mass. Since it’s pure energy, it can perform acts that are beyond the possibilities of the physical body.

Carlos Castaneda – The Art of Dreaming


We will meet for 3 full days to celebrate this special time of year when the light is at its peak.

We will take advantage of the energy of this moment to observe what in us wants to come out into the light.

Forms of movement from the Toltec tradition will help us track energy throughout our encounter.

With the help of the divinatory arts we will look at what are the unconscious forces which block this light and want to prevent it from expressing itself.

We will use the light of the solstice and the forms of movement to clear the path that leads to fully expressing our light and to reach our energy body.

We will also practice a series of movements which has to do with the five most important concerns for the Toltec shamans : the capacity to take decisions, the recapitulation of our life, dreaming and inner silence.

We will observe sunrises and sunsets.

We will burn in a fire what we want to leave behind.

The last day there will be the opportunity to participate in a sweat lodge in the Lakota tradition.

We will end our meeting with an excursion to a river where, weather permitting, we can go swimming and connect to the fluidity of the water.



Cost: 520 € (accommodation and meals included from Friday June. 21 in the evening to Tuesday June 25 breakfast.)

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with informations about the payment.

You can also contact me : 07 77 07 30 30 for more details.

Places are limited.


Friday 21 evening : arrivals starting at 4 pm, installation and diner together

Saturday 22 : indoor practices and observation of Sunset

Sunday 23 : indoor practices and fire ceremony

Monday 24 : Sweat lodge and excursion to a river

Tuesday 25 morning : Cleaning of the rooms and departure


This event is organized in partnership with the Association Dragonfly Cayla.