A 6 days retreat on recapitulation and Toltec movements

Crossing over to the shaman’s world


Le Cayla, Aveyron

Aug. 20 – 26, 2023


Shamanism is a journey of return. A warrior returns victorious to the spirit, having descended into hell. And from hell he brings trophies. Understanding is one of his trophies.

Carlos Castaneda – The power of Silence

Major challenges in your life are initiation forms – they are there to help you take the next course in life — the purpose of initiation is to let something die – you don’t want to put the old skin back – otherwise you will get to experience the same thing again…

Malidoma Somé – The healing Wisdom of Africa

Nature is a powerful teacher and by nature ancient philosophers use to mean also our nature : the essence of who we are. And Saturn is the ruthless guardian of our nature. Saturn is exhalted in the sign of Libra because it is the sign of Justice. Saturn is the cold planet that makes sure that everything is aligned with its true essence. And when our lives start to follow a path that is opposite to our true nature, the power of Saturn comes into play and we meet with a trial. The wind start to blow and a storm comes into our lives… and does not leave us until it has finished its work and the balance is restaured. Such is the power of Saturn : the ruthless God of trials.

During this 6 days retreat, we will recapitulate all the different trials that we went thru in our lives, all the painful and difficult moments. When we though we were against the wall and there was no issue, when we were facing situations much bigger than ourselves.

And each time we will call in the power of our creative imagination to overcome the fatality of those events. We will engage our other self to see what we had to learn and to bring more understanding and light to those dark moments.

During this event we will call on the power of a prehistorical and powerful animal : the Saber Tooth Tiger. We will call on its spirit in order to be able to travel thru time,  face those memories, and come back renewed from the infernos.

The archetypal trial is the story of Osiris which body is cut off in 14 different pieces by its enemy the God Seth. So like Isis does with Osiris body, we will look for the different pieces of our being that have been lost somewhere in the different trials of our lives. And one by one with the power of the Saber tooth tiger and under the auspicious light of the moon, we will bring back one by one all those different pieces in order to bring back our completness and unity.

During this 6 days retreat we will also connect with the power of the Earth during a hike in the surrounding mountains, take some time with the water in a nearby cañon and enjoy silence practices as well as music, poetry and the observation of the night sky in order to fill oursleves up with the beauty and the delicate power of our natural environnement, which is both a healer and a source of inspiration for dreaming our lives forward.

Cost: 750 € until August 1rst, 780 €  after (accommodation and meals included from Sunday August 20 in the evening to Saturday Aug. 26 breakfast)

+ 10 € Association Dragonfly Cayla membership
+ 10 € if you need to rent sheets and towel
+ 10 € if you need a transfer from Albi to Cayla

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with informations about the payment.

More details and registration : 07 77 07 30 30

Places are limited to what Cayla can accomodate.


Sunday 20 evening : arrival, installation, dinner together and organization

Monday 21 : indoor practice – opening circle – first part of recapitulation –

Tuesday 22 : indoor practice – walk in the forest – Second part of recapitulation – Music and song

Wednesday 23 : Silence practice – Hike to the Mont Carroux – observation of the night sky

Thursday 24 : Recapitulation practice – 3rd part – breath work

Friday 25 :  Silence practice – closing circle – connection to the water – journey to a canyon – Music and danse

Saturday 26  morning : cleaning of the place and departure


This event is organized in partnership with the Association Dragonfly Cayla.