What are the Dragonfly Practices?

  The Dragonfly Practices are inspired by ancient spiritual traditions from all other the world and especialy by the Toltec tradition and the hermetist tradition of the Western world.

Their goal is to help human beings access more of their potential in terms of consciousness, well being and perception. Those practices include movements, breathwork, awareness of the body, the review of one’s life in order to bring more understanding about and release of patterns of behavior, the cultivation of deep states of inner silence, Astrology, card sciences…

Humans, in an indigenous and oral context, experience their own consciousness as simply one form of awareness among many others. The traditional magician cultivates an ability to shift out of his or her common state of consciousness precisely in order to make contact with the other organic forms of sensitivity and awareness with which human existence is entwined. Only by temporarily shedding the accepted perceptual logic of his culture can the sorcerer hope to enter into relation with other species on their own terms; only by altering the common organization of his senses will he be able to enter into a rapport with the multiple nonhuman sensibilities that animate the local landscape.

It is this, we might say, that defines a shaman: the ability to readily slip out of the perceptual boundaries that demarcate his or her particular culture—boundaries reinforced by social customs, taboos, and most importantly, the common speech or language—in order to make contact with, and learn from, the other powers in the land. His magic is precisely this heightened receptivity to the meaningful solicitations—songs, cries, gestures—of the larger, more-than-human field.

Magic, then, in its perhaps most primordial sense, is the experience of existing in a world made up of multiple intelligences, the intuition that every form one perceives—from the swallow swooping overhead to the fly on a blade of grass, and indeed the blade of grass itself—is an experiencing form, an entity with its own predilections and sensations, albeit sensations that are very different from our own.

Abram, David. The Spell of the Sensuous


Guilhem Morera is the founder of the Dragonfly Practices. He studied with the apprentices of Carlos Castaneda during 10 years in Los Angeles. During the last 10 years, he organized and guided Tensegrity® events. He is also a certified breathwork facilitator, and has been trained in the ancient science of the cards by author and astrologer Robert Lee Camp. Guilhem is the author of two books about the science of the cards, one of them in collaboration with author and specialist of the megaliths Howard Crowhurst.


Dragonflies insects are a symbol of lightness, so they come and go unoticed, merge with their environement and bridge the dream world – the world of images – with the everyday world.

They are a symbol of metamorphosis: the symbol of leaving behind the old stories that we endlessly repeat to ourselves, the stories embeded in our bodies on the form of emotions and pain, to step into a new, more luminous way of looking at the mysteries of life.


They are also a symbol of the connection with the source, a way to acknowledge our roots, where we come from and all the traditions that intended the best for humanity.

The Dragonfly Practices are also inspired by and draw from life in general: nature and our relationship with the natural world and non-human creatures, sacred places and our bond with our ancestors, body awareness and our connection with direct non-verbal communication, and any technique and practice that may help us live better lives.



The practice of specific series of movements and breaths in order to get back energy and vitality and to reawaken the intelligence of the body, to be present here and now.

Review of one’s life

In order to bring some light to our patterns of behaviors. Going back to our “stories” and sharing them as a way to release them. Quieting the waters of our emotions and the winds of our mind.

Cycles of time

Astrology, oracles… in order to understand ourselves better and to better orient ourselves and navigate our lives.

Environnemental awareness

To reestablish a connection with the Earth and all the sentient beings. Learning from the plants, the mineral, the animal kingdoms…

The Dragonfly Practices entice a mood of humility, of willingness to look at ourselves and at the impact of our words, actions and thoughts on ourselves and others, a mood of awe and respect for all expression of life and all traditions.

We beleive that humanity is at a turning point and need more than ever the help and wisdom of the old traditions. We are intending to create a space for the expression of those traditions in our modern times.

One specificity of this work is the community. The connection between its members is beyond our usual social ties, and comes from a deep heart connection. The intention of the Dragonfly Practices is to nurture a group of like-minded explorers of awareness. Dragonfly insects have two voluminous compound multi-faceted eyes allowing them to perceive at 360 degrees. Each member of the group is like one of these facets, each bringing its personal viewpoint, yet together holding a global 360-degree awareness.

Many stories talk about how there has been a pendulum effect in which the world shifts back and forth between masculine and feminine imbalance over many millennia. The current cycle, which began thousands of years ago, is a time of masculine imbalance. Spiritual leaders throughout the world knew that this time was coming—a time when all things feminine would be exploited, smashed, and destroyed, including all Mother Earth-based cultures, feminine-based spirituality, and women. The spiritual leaders around the world communicated with one another through the original language created from an intimate connection with Creation. They decided to hide the sacred and secret teachings because they knew that the two-leggeds (people) would abuse and misuse the teachings. There were many ingenious ways the teachings were hidden—in common words of different cultures, in story, in song, in art, and geometric patterns woven in cloth and garments. In many cases, specific parts of the teachings were intentionally forgotten. The spiritual leaders knew that the sacred and secret teachings would only be made whole again when the two-leggeds heal enough to open their hearts and thus reconnect with their brothers and sisters from the different directions and colors around the world. In doing so, they would share their sacred ways with others until the sacred and secret teachings are fully restored…

It is said that there will be a time when the gifts of the four sacred colors, red, white, black, and yellow, will come together from the Four Directions and combine to create something new that has not been seen since the beginning of time.

Much of the world has yet to see the incredible new possibilities that can come from spiritual intent to share consciously and combine knowledge and wisdom from the four sacred colors, but it is beginning to happen. The Elders say, “nothing is created outside until it is created inside first.”

Larry Merculieff – Coordinator of the Bering Sea Council of Elders